Energy transformation scenarios for St. Petersburg will be developed at a summit during RIEF


The event will be part of preparations for the World Energy Congress.

Governor Alexander Beglov and Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak met in Smolny to discuss matters of the city’s energy sector development and arrangements for the 25th World Energy Congress. The event is to take place in St. Petersburg on October 24 through 27, 2022.

“The city board will make sure that the congress is arranged top level. We are quite experienced in arrangement of large-scale international events. We already have planned getting the necessary facilities ready,” said Alexander Beglov.

The St. Petersburg Governor announced that Angela Wilkinson, the World Energy Council's Secretary General & CEO, had already been sent proposals on the St. Petersburg-based arrangements towards preparation of the Congress. Notably, April 2022 will become the date of the summit where energy transformation scenarios for St. Petersburg will be modeled. The event will be held during the Russian International Energy Forum. Another event arranged is a teleconference participated by members of the World Energy Council, the Government of St. Petersburg, and the Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council.

The Government of St. Petersburg sent the Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council a list of 88 proposals by top universities and industrial leaders of the city as regards to events on the convention program.

“We are keeping in touch with our partner cities that are likely to join the Congress. Besides, we have already received 50+ proposals from St. Petersburg-based energy and industrial companies, as well as academic institutions, who wish to present their exhibits at our official stand,” said the Governor.

At the Congress, the energy development concept for cities of the future will be presented through the example of St. Petersburg. The draft concept was discussed with experts and power authorities, which resulted in a dedicated assignment.

Official source: Government of St. Petersburg



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