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The Power and Electrical Engineering exhibition, being one of the primary exhibitions in Russia, has been held in St. Petersburg since 1993. The project is prominent as it presents the whole spectre of relevant branch data with participants being specialists of power engineering, and the target audience being potential purchasers of the showcased products. St. Petersburg is one of the largest cities in the world that has lately restored the leading role in power machine building and has also become a real 'window into Europe'.

The official support of the exhibition is provided by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Power Industry of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg Government, the Government of the Leningrad region, Legislative Court of the Leningrad region, the Association of Trade Interaction between the Entities of the North-West region, Regional Office of the Federal Energy Agency in the North-West federal region, the Union of power engineers of the North-Westregion of Russia, Gas Club, AVOK North-West.

Power and Electrical Engineering is:

  • the most remarkable and well-established exhibition in Russia;
  • the meeting point for the first rate global producers of the power industry, suppliers of goods and services for heat- and hydro-power stations, heating systems and other power systems;
  • the place to find all novelties of the global electrotechnical market;
  • a good possibility to meet the representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Power of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg Government, providing the exhibition overall support;
  • a real chance to exchange experience and opinions, and establish contacts in informal conditions.


Exhibition subjects

  • Power engineering
    • water heating power engineering
    • electric power engineering
    • turbines and auxiliary equipment
    • hydro-power engineering
    • nuclear-power engineering
    • small, alternative and renewable energy
  • Power machine building
    • turbines and auxiliary equipment
    • boilers, boiler units and auxiliary equipment
    • Diesel engines and diesel generators
    • heat-exchange apparatus compressors
  • Electrotechnical equipment
    • equipment for power transmission lines
    • electric motors, generators, electric drives
    • converters, transformers, transformer substations
    • power electronics
    • low-voltage installations
    • high-voltage installation
    • wiring goods and products for electrical installations
    • distributing gear, switchboard equipment
    • cables, wires, end fitting
    • security equipment for electricity generating plants
    • insulating products
    • illuminating engineering
  • Gas-, heat-, and power supply systems
    • pipelines
    • fastening hardware, stop valves, regulators, reducing gear
    • gas-fired burners
    • modern materials and goods
  • Machinery and equipment for housing and communal services
  • Automated process control systems
  • Measurement and control instrumentation and systems
  • Energy-saving and power-efficient equipment and technologies
  • Safety of the power facilities and environmental safety
  • Development and investigation
  • Software


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